First dye lot in my new studio space: Lemon Yellow

Setting up my dye space in my basement involved some housemate negotiation & storage rearranging. But I have found an out-of-the-way spot to let my pieces dry:

I was most excited at the prospect of my first dye lot. It’s been since last December that I’ve had studio space! Wowzers that’s a long time. For me, setting up a work space is a process of trial and error, seeing what feels right and what doesn’t work. Here’s my first dye lot in process:

And here’s my pieces drying and hour and a half (approximately) later:

When I got back from Ghana and first started experimenting with batiking, Lemon Yellow was one of the colors in the first batch (along with hot pink, avocado, bright blue and barn red- pretty sure). It was an easy choice for my first dye lot in my new studio space. I love colors and I love color names. As anybody who has every tried to buy paint with me knows, the name of a color is as important than the color itself. Lemon Yellow is bring and sunny- a fabulous kick off!