My stamps

As I start to unpack my studio, I remember that all my batik stamps have stories. My first few I brought back from Ghana in 2005, back when I thought they were really cool but I had no idea what I would really DO with them.

My next batch of stamps came when friends in Burlington, VT at the Outdoor Gear Exchange took me under their wings and taught me how to dremel, and router, in their ski shop (off season) and I got to play around a bit. Maybe not the most patient of teachers- but a lot of fun and some formative pieces.

My friend Simon Camp, a photography, and founder of Ask Me How Handyman, made me a few.

MCraft stores have provided a few with their random wood cut outs. Others have been brought back from Ghana for me.

Most recently two Celtic designs were added to my collection:

Folks who work with wood seem to get excited at the prospect of making me stamps, and I’m happy to accept. A batik in exchange has been my deal in the past, so if you’re inspired, be in touch!