Setting up & settling into a new space

I knew setting up a new space would take time and settling in. I knew I was out of practice and would be remembering my tricks as I go along. I knew I would have to envision the space, work in it, and then rework it. How many times was more the question.

I am currently using our (uninsulated) attic (3rd floor) for my wax work and the basement for my dye work. We live on the second floor of the house and Dorothy lives in an apartment on the first floor. I’m both adjusting to new studio configuration, and to working in two different places. As you may have guessed, there’s a lot of stairs in this new process. I’ll spare you pictures of the staircase, as there’s actually two to choose from.

Actually doing the work has been cause for a lot of walking up and down stairs. Especially my first dye lot. I’m embracing it as a “batik workout.” Good for the creative spirit and good for the body.

Here is my attic space upon my arrival:

I’ve laid down a tarp, and started working and reworking the space.

Here was my first set up, before I really started working:

Here is my attic space today. You can see the waxed pieces starting to pile up. The pile in the back left corner are needing to be waxed, the front left pile is ready to dye, and the small green pile on the right is ready to be ironed.

It might not seem a big difference to you, but to me it’s more workable, and I’m all about workability (well, and aesthetics). We’ll see how long this set-up lasts. I still need to figure my ironing space (how I get the wax out) so that will no doubt move more things around some more. There are also pictures to hang on the walls, and I’m taking bets on how long it will take for me to knock something off the window sill and into the hot wax.

It’s a pretty sweet set up, come on over for a visit!