Chuppah quilt

It started with a simple ask, can VTJR help with our wedding chuppah (canopy)? Of course we will! And thus began my second quilt project, with Elizabeth again leading the charge. At the start: The fun of the pattern was that we had a bunch […]

Crafternoon with Candice

My first crafternoon in my new studio was with my dear friend Candice Cook, my business card designer, mom to Georgia, and fellow YCC devotee. We set out to have a relaxed afternoon with our various individual projects. I have been thinking recently that having […]

Back to sewing

This was originally posted by my friend Debi on her blog: “Adventures of a Jersey Family.” My friend, leora, and i have known each other since forever. her family and my family have been friends as far back as i can remember. our families have […]