Hot pink: Who would have thought?

Not me for sure.

If I had started playing with fabric and colors all on my own, and had to pick only 5 colors to start this adventure, I don’t think I would have picked hot pink. While I’m not totally sure what I would have chosen, hot pink was only on the short list because I’d seen it used in Ghana and loved the vibrancy.

I just did a quick scan, and I only own 1 pink shirt, and it’s not HOT pink, more a “light thulian pink” according to Wikipedia. (Who knew there was a wikipedia page for “shades of pink?”) Hot pink alone is a bit much for me, but it sure plays well with others!

Here are some hot pink pieces waiting to be dyed:

Here is a piece first dyed hot pink and then avacado:

And here is one bright blue and then hot pink: