Falling back in love with the fish

DSC03403I spend the month of December at craft shows and talked a lot about the batik process and stamping. I always bring some of my stamps (I have over 30), as they are an art collection themselves. “All my stamps have a story” I tell people.

My fish stamp is my only metal stamp. My mom bought it for me in Arizona because it didn’t look like any of the stamps I have. The metal holds the wax much more efficiently. With my wooden stamps I have to re-wax in between each stamping. With the fish I can stamp 4-5 times with the same wax.

When I got back to working in my studio in January I starting stamping with the fish a bunch.

DSC03400  I love the fish stamp, and not just because it’s one of my few stamps that is a recognizable symbol. There is something to be said for efficiency.