Emerson Umbrella show a smashing success

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to sell my batiks at the Emerson Umbrella Winter Market in Concord, MA. I had a ton of space to hang my tablecloths, and great natural light:

The show was full of friendly people, great connections and conversations. I can’t count the number of women who told me they had “tried batik a long time ago…. back in the sixties.” Somebody also ask how much for my fish stamp! It was a high caliber show, with an amazing array of artists, and I felt honored to be a part.

I especially appreciate my Uncle Remy & Aunt Carla for their company and help watching my booth for most of Saturday’s sale. It allowed me to briefly chat with some of the other vendors, as well as head to the café and refill my tea on a regular basis.

I also appreciate all my friends who showed up to visit and shop (I meant to take pictures of everyone, but forgot): Julie (who told me about the organization in the first place, and was my first visitor on Friday afternoon), Tara, Marty & Susan, Kate, Cam & Rachel, Dan, Doug, Ann & David. (gosh I hope I didn’t forget anybody!) AND all the folks who purchased batik items…. maybe they’ll subscribe to my blog….