I have been blessed to have had three students during the spring of 2009: Maura, Lisa & Alix. As they explored, they allowed me to see my work differently. It’s true we learn from our students as well as our teachers.

They each created a large piece- although all the same size, one was destined to be a sarong, one a wall hanging, one a tablecloth. Here are various pictures of various parts of the process.

If you are interested in future learning opportunities, please contact me at: bbbatiks (at)

Maura getting started:

Alix was very intentional:

Maura after her first dye lot (lemon yellow):

Lisa doing her second round of waxing:

Alix had a run in with the wax:After the second waxing:

After ironing out half the wax:

A finished product:

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  1. debi g says:

    such cute colors and prints! i might have to order some for adam’s new cousins… yes that is plural (one on each side of the family)… who are due in june and july!

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