Crafternoon with Candice

My first crafternoon in my new studio was with my dear friend Candice Cook, my business card designer, mom to Georgia, and fellow YCC devotee. We set out to have a relaxed afternoon with our various individual projects. I have been thinking recently that having studio space was a great way to get crafty beyond my batik, and the afternoon was the perfect opportunity. Here was opening my dusty mosaics tile bin:

Candice had visions for a 3 red panel painting project:

Hard as we tried (and maybe we didn’t really try), neither of us “completed” our projects. A convenient excuse to meet up for Part II! Here’s how we left them:



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Now available in Roslindale

B. B. batiks is excited to announce that baby onesies and table runners are now on consignment at Minerva’s Owl Boutique in Roslindale Village, MA. A store self described as “Style for the Strong Woman;  who is, in essence, is any woman who has ever simultaneously held a career, brought up children, acted as a caregiver or served as an “anchor” for any given situation. Minerva’s is a store where women can come, look at beautiful garments, artisan-made goods, and embellishments for the self or the home and replenish their spirits–just a little bit of pampering, to remind themselves of their strong, beautiful essence!”

In addition to discerning taste in the vendors she selects (um, that’s me), Julie Wesolowski (the owner) puts on events such as Owls’ night, Girls Night Out, Trunk Shows and live music evenings. Here are my pieces on display:

You can like Minerva’s Owl on facebook or go check them out in person at 751 South Street, Roslindale, MA 02131.


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JP Studio Warming

Truth is, we were having too much fun to remember to take pictures, but here’s a few from one moment in time:

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My new JP studio move in

After a long and arduous search, I have landed in a shared studio space back in my old neighborhood, JP (that’s Jamaica Plain for you non-Boston folks). It’s an old barn just behind the Sam Adams Brewery.  With two floors, I mainly work downstairs, on the “dirty” level, as upstairs is more computer, video, hoola-hoop and sketching magic space.

Here I’m standing on the stairway landing, visioning the space: I picked the back wall as my main work area, and developed a plan for a raise-able drying rack:

But I was moving in at the height of the “holiday season” and low on green baby onesies. So with some parts of my studio still in boxes, I improvised with my drying rack:

Finally I was ready to construct my raise-able drying line. In consultation with Chris Ortiz, Simon Camp, Doug Hull and a useless teenage boy employee at Home Depot, I started to build my design. Really, my “consultations” were my attempt to get them to tell me my pulley design would raise my drying line up evenly with only one rope.


Viola! It mostly works just the way I planned.



You’re all invited to see the new studio on Sat. Jan 21st at our official “Studio Warming!”

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My new JP Studio renovations

As I’m settling into my new studio space, I just found these pictures of the barn renovations from 2010-2011. Stay tuned for photos of Brookside Barn Studios today!





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Flowers or snowflakes

At first I thought I was producing flowers with this new stamp. Now I’m not so sure and think maybe they’re snowflakes. Or maybe that’s just my desire to have some outside to play in…

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Getting creative setting up show space

While every new craft show is a challenge, this fall I’ve had the opportunity to show my designs under stadium seating and in a school hallway. I’m pleased with my adaptability efforts.

In October I did a show under the Lawrence Veterans Memorial Stadium, This was fun because I invited my friend Laure Dennery and her DenneryDesignBébé: Handmade Gifts for Mom and Baby. Laure moved into the apartment downstairs from me in Jamaica Plain just as I was moving out in the summer of 2010. It’s always more fun to do a show with a friend, and I hadn’t seen her stuff all laid out.

When was the last time you saw this much color under stadium seating?




In November I had the opportunity to transform an elementary school hallway at Arlington Open Studios. The lockers in my area were bolted open for the preschoolers. I put a board across the top, and voilà, a shelf.




I was located at the end of the hallway, which was a great perspective:




Stay tuned for information about more shows soon!

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Gender neutral?

Most of my friends with babies, especially those with little girls, have made it clear they want gender neutral baby clothes. Or at least not all hot pink for girls. I’ve got this old car stamp that I haven’t used in a while,  as it doesn’t seem to fit on a tablecloth or challah cover (I don’t think). Long ago I used it for a piece that’s still hanging in my mechanic friends garage in Colchester, VT but I can’t find a picture of it.

I have fascinating conversations at craft shows about which colors customers consider gender neutral. Rarely does the stamp factor in (although I have been told the ying yang is too hippy for some). Most of my batik stamps are too big for the baby clothes.

The other day I was inspired to try my car stamp on a onesie. So, baby clothes with cars, are they just for boys?

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Sarah’s commission

Thanks to inspiration from my crafty friend Candice (who designed my original business cards), one afternoon I built a frame and mounted one of my pieces on the wall:

My friend Sarah B. was thus inspired and asked to commission a piece for her new apartment. It was true she needed color and she knew it.

Candice was busy with her new baby , so I was on my own.

I bought the frame pieces:

And laid out the frame:






Then I laid out the piece on the frame:

Corners threw me for a bit, and there is still room for improvement. My first time, Candice had watched some youtube videos prior, so she was the expert. Here’s two of mine:

Here’s the completed piece, and my favorite part: HANGING IT ON THE WALL WITH THE VTJRA:


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What I’m doing with my summer vacation

Well, since I had to move for the summer I had to close my at-home batik studio. I made a personal commitment to doing a lot of sewing and blogging, but who wants to be inside when it’s so pretty outside? So, I have instead spent the time dreaming and making plans for my new studio in the fall (location TBD).

Also, my friend Michelle bought me these two stamps, and put them in a cute white cloth bag- so I’ve got one new project. And that got me thinking about making bags, so then I bought this bigger bag made out of hemp, a fabric I’m planning to do more with….

If summer is the season of bounty, I’m full of ideas!

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