New stamp handles

One of the elements of getting batik stamps from Ghana is that they are often easiest to pack when the handle is not yet put on. It’s usually a pretty simple attachment, and they come apart easily. But when I use them, time and again, I need handles that are more solid. I’ve experimented with making my own over the years, to varying degrees of success. What I lack is a wood shop- but that’s another blog post.

Luckily, my friend Doug has decided I should have the most solid batik stamp handles ever. First he decided they would be made of steel. I convinced him that wasn’t a good idea.

Here are the first round of handles he made:I must admit I was really exciting about this. Except for the butterfly, which was new, all these stamps were in bad shape. It really sucks when a stamp comes apart from it’s handle over a pot of hot wax, especially if you’re in the middle of stamping a piece. These new handles were rock solid.

Then, Mary brought me back even more stamps from Africa (see Titchadshi post) so I brought them to Doug and here’s what he did:





And the beautiful final results:

Thanks doug!