Appreciating my colors as individuals

My onsies have been a big hit, so I’ve made lots more! I’ve mixed feelings about batiking onsies. This could be my bread-n-butter, the pieces that sell to support my larger, more time consuming and less often selling pieces. Plus, every time I turn around I have another pregnant friend. Yippie!

I have reservations about making them because it’s such a different artistic process than making tablecloths, which I’ve been doing for years. Somebody once asked me how I choose which stamps will go on the onsies- and truth is (and this is what I told him) most of my stamps are too big, especially for the 6-9 month size so I’m left with very few options.

You can see here, in this harvest gold and red fuchsia sandwich, how the corners of the tree stamp are folding over the sides of the onsie. While it looks fine, it’s not my preference.

Usually when I think about my colors I think about how they play together. Making onsies I only use one color per piece and thus have been able to appreciate my colors as individuals, not part of a larger whole. They are still pretty vibrant!

Making onsies and having lots of friends with kids leads to a lot of conversations about infant clothing color choices. I’ve heard loud and clear the need for gender neutral colors. Here’s some nickel and avocado:

Here is Marine (which is not as gray as it appears here, but actually more greenish):

Here is periwinkle on the left, and bright blue on the right (I was intrigued to see how subtle the difference was):

This project has reinforced how much I love my colors!

Soon to come: photos of my super cute packaging!